Like most people, I loved art projects as a kid. I just never stopped. I paint and make things because it helps me to see the world more clearly.  I slow down and see the things around me that I might only superficially glance at. Whether drawing or painting from real life, imagination or abstraction there is a shift, a change in my perception.

I work in a variety of mediums.  My life has been filled with many other things, leading to many starts and stops in my painting.  For years I was obsessed with lines, but that obsession has slowly evolved into color, and an ongoing obsession with circles.  I make little distinction between mediums. It is the color that fascinates me. Life sparks an idea and that is translated into a concept that only works in a specific medium in my mind.

Some paintings are done for the love of a place (there are many landscapes of Lopez Island), for the fulfillment of a concept (my ongoing series of what can you do with medical vial lids), the conceptualization of a feeling (my abstract work) and the list goes on.

The pieces are available as giclees, originals or both as noted. Giclee’s are available in a variety of sizes.

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-Martha Spieker