Like most people I loved art projects as a kid, I just never stopped. I paint and make things because it helps me to see the world more clearly.  I slow down and see the things around me that we only superficially glance at day to day.  Whether I am drawing or painting from real life, imagination or abstraction there is a shift, a change in your perception of life.

I work in a variety of mediums.  My life has been filled with many other things leading to many starts and stops in my painting.  For years I was obsessed with lines but that obsession has slowly evolved into color.  I make little distinction between mediums as it is the color that fascinates me. Life sparks an idea and that is translated into a concept that only works in a specific medium in my mind. Some painting as are done for the love of a place ( many landscapes of Lopez), for the fulfillment of a concept ( my on going series of what can you do with vial lids), the conceptualization of a feeling ( my abstract work) and the list goes on

Painting are available as originals and/or giclees.  The giclees can be embellished giving them qualities of an original painting.  Three dimensional aspects of paintings can be added to the artwork as called for with painting which incorporate other elements like the vial caps.

Pet portraits are available on request , price varies with size and medium.

Contact me at spiekerart@gmail.com

Martha Spieker

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